Why I always write on Wednesday

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I always write on Wednesday.

Regardless of what else is pressing, I write every single Wednesday.

Is Wednesday the day I’m most inspired? No. My inspiration doesn’t follow a calendar or time-clock.

Is Wednesday the best day to post on my blog? That’s a topic most of us ponder and everyone has an opinion on but I post on my blogs whenever I get the inspiration.

Do I have more time to write on Wednesday? No. I make time.

I always write on Wednesday because I have a circle of friends who count on me to show up Wednesday evening with something to share.

What I write on Wednesday isn’t always polished or profound or even necessarily good writing. But I have a group of people who expect me to bring something to read and I do.

I am part of a Wednesday night writing group. I’m accountable to my writing friends.

And I wont’ let them down.

Sometimes we show up with rough work hammered out at the eleventh hour.

Other times, we show up with pieces we’ve crafted and fine-tuned and are proud to share.

But we always, always show up.

I’ve been in this circle of women writers since I arrived in Cincinnati. It’s one of the reasons I’m still here.  I didn’t join for the accountability. I joined for the community.

But I stayed for the accountability and the community.

It’s kind of like being part of a Mastermind Group. Sometimes you think you don’t have the motivation or inspiration or time to work on your business. But if you know you have a call scheduled with your group for a specific day, you do it because you’re expected to show up with something.

And you don’t want to let your group down. So, you do something. Maybe it’s not the best work you’ve ever done. Maybe it’s just a baby step but it’s SOMETHING. Something to let them know they can count on you.

That you value their time. That you value their feedback.

Sometimes you show up with something you’ve worked hard on and you’re proud of. Other times, you show up with a thought or action you’ve hammered out at the eleventh hour.

But if you’re part of a mastermind group, you DO SHOW UP.

You bring that “something” to your group because you are accountable.

Who holds YOU accountable?

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