Are you keeping your new business a secret?

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So you have a brilliant business idea but you are afraid if you talk about it, someone will steal your idea, right? Listen CAREFULLY! Do NOT keep your business a secret. Even if someone hears your idea and decides to “copy” it, they aren’t going to do it the way you would and you are doing yourself a great disservice to not broadcast your idea to everyone you know.
******Exception- If you have family or friends who think starting your own business is too risky-they don’t understand so they could be well-meaning dream killers.***********
Aside from those naysayers, share your dream with everyone. Friends, neighbors, strangers in line at the post office, your seat mate on the subway. Here’s why:
Even if you have a pretty good idea how to do what you want to do, there’s still a lot you don’t know that someone out there does and can help you with. You will find people who want to help you in the most unlikely places. The woman seated next to you on a plane may have a brother who can make the prototype for your new invention. Your bank teller may be best friends with someone who needs your new service and can be your first client. Your son’s pre-school teacher’s next door neighbor may have a complimentary business and would be a great source of information and collaboration for you.
Isolation is another reason it’s a big mistake to keep your idea to yourself. When you don’t have other entrepreneurial friends to discuss your ideas with, it’s easy to begin doubting yourself and your dreams. Particularly if you’ve been an employee all your working life, you may begin to lose confidence in your ability to create a successful business on your own.  Having a mastermind group or mentor will help get a measure on the viability of your plan.
Don’t be afraid to share your dreams and ask questions. Seek out existing businesses that are similar to yours and ask the owners questions. You may worry that they will see you as competition but you’ll be surprised how helpful they will be.
Keeping your business idea a secret is one of the biggest mistakes you can make so talk about it like you would if you were expecting your first grandchild. Be proud, be excited and be open to all the suggestions, advise and enthusiasm you will attract.

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