The Number One Obstacle to Starting your Business

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Recently I polled some of my readers who say they want to start a business but haven’t begun. Here are the things they cited as their biggest obstacles. The results may surprise you.

  • Lack of Support from Friends and Family
  • Not sure Where to Begin
  • Concern about Isolation
  • Legal and Business Structure Questions
  • Health Insurance and other Benefits
  • Lack of Record Keeping Knowledge
  • Technical Overwhelm
  • Lack of Start-up Capital

The list itself didn’t surprise me. What did was the percentage of people who responded that lack of support was one of the biggest barriers for them in starting their own business. Because I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and have always surrounded myself with other business owners, I sometimes forget how many people have no one to bounce ideas around with. I forget that most of you have people in your lives who actually fear self-employment and think they are protecting you from risk by squashing your dreams.

It’s no wonder you’re having trouble getting started launching your dream business if you don’t have a tribe of entrepreneurial friends to support you and help you stay motivated.

Because so many of you have expressed a need for start-up guidance and on-going support,  Barbara Winter and I are offering our “Obstacle Buster Mastermind” workshop again in May.
This is your opportunity to bring all your concerns, questions and roadblocks to an intimate group of entrepreneurs who will help you bust through the roadblocks that have been holding you back from finally starting your business.
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FYI-I’ve addressed all of the above concerns on this blog in the “Start-Up Now” category.

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