If you’re trying to find work-life balance, maybe you are in the wrong business.

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What is all this talk about “work-life balance” anyway? If you are a corporate employee who spends your days dreaming of the weekend, OK-I get it-you’re stuck. Or you’re holding onto that JOB because you need the income while you start-up your dream livelihood, kudos to you. But the self-employed seeking work-life balance?  I don’t understand it. Here’s why: if you are feeling like all you do is work and you need to find more time for fun, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG BUSINESS. Period.
Once, only once, in my decades of self-employment, did I consciously dream of time off. I justified intense times of stress and long hours in business with the knowledge that my work was footing the bill for frequent lavish vacations. But you know what? That level of work/play balance was not sustainable. Because my heart wasn’t deeply connected to the greater purpose in my business. There wasn’t enough personal meaning in what I was doing to keep me fully engaged.
Are you feeling that way? I’m not talking about taking enough time off. If you have to tell yourself to keep your office door closed on the weekend and not take work on vacation, then the truth you must face is YOU ARE IN THE WRONG BUSINESS.
Sure, if you aren’t making time for your fitness routine or you’re gobbling fast food at your desk, you do need to re-think your time management. But if you spend all your at-home hours holed up in your office and ignore your family, it isn’t work-life balance you need to address. It’s work-love balance because if you are truly, completely in love with your business and you are in your right livelihood, you engage your family and your enthusiasm is contagious.
Do your kids know what you do for a living? Do they talk about it with their friends?
Do you talk about your work at social and family gatherings?
Do you find yourself on vacation coming up with ideas for your business? Or taking field trips to other businesses that inspire you?
If you answered “yes” to the above questions, then you are likely in your right livelihood but if you find yourself disappointed when it’s time to get back to work,  it’s time to do some serious soul searching about what your business means to you.
Is your business just about making a living or are you making a difference? Do you feel connected to a deep purpose in your business? Or are you searching for more meaning?
As always, you are invited and encouraged to share your experience, thoughts and opinions below.

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