Do you believe in “lucky breaks”?

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We’ve all heard the stories. The guy who just happened to be seated next to someone on a train who loved their his so much he offered to finance it. The woman who happened to be at the same cocktail party as the only publisher in her genre. Yes, sometimes things happen that seem like “lucky breaks” but the reality is, these people met the right people because they were out there telling their story. You  could be at a holiday party and meet the perfect person to help you break into your dream business but if you don’t have your message clear and share it, nothing will happen. You might be seated on a plane next to the best friend of your ideal client but if you have your earplugs in and your face buried in a book (as I sometimes do on long flights), that person will never know of your expertise.

Maybe you believe in coincidence but the only way you are going to make things happen is if you are clear on what you need to make happen and what steps to take to make it real.

Do you have a dream that you long to bring to fruition but no idea where to begin to make it happen? If you’re serious about starting your dream business, don’t sit around waiting for you lucky break. Outline a plan of small steps you can start taking now to move in the direction of your dream.

Speaking of luck, if you need help figuring out what those steps are or how to make money with your idea and how to do it without enough money to start up, join Barbara Winter and me in Lucky Las Vegas for a Mastermind Weekend where we’ll examine YOUR idea and brainstorm solutions to help you jump those hurdles and make 2012 the year you finally make your dream happen. Find out more HERE

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