A Time for New Beginnings

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Autumn has always been a time of new beginnings for me.  Maybe it’s my Semetic upbringing because the Jewish New Year begins in the fall.  More likely it signals new school clothes and moving up to the next grade. Possibly it’s the years I spent in retail when Labor Day signaled the end of tourist season and the time to place orders for the holidays.
In the Jewish tradition, autumn is a time to put your house in order, re-evaluate your life and make adjustments.  It’s also a great time to start a business or add additional profit centers to your existing business.

The cooler weather and falling leaves energize me and inspire me to add new programs to my business.

Do you also find yourself thinking this is the time to start up something new or make changes? Does the fall get you motivated to step up to your dreams and make those ideas take shape? Are you ready to finally do what it takes to make your business more meaningful and more profitable? The best ROI you’ll ever realize is when you invest in yourself and in your dreams.

Because I want to see you finally dive in and get your business rolling, I am again offering my  Idea Generator Package this fall.  Until the spots fill, I am offering a three session bundle for $270 (less than half of what it costs to purchase three phone consultations separately. ) These calls can be used to discover what kind of business you can start or to generate ideas for more revenue in your business. Click  HERE for more info.

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