Finding Beauty Anywhere

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When I made the decision to spend time in Ohio, I made a couple of promises to myself: that I would not become an indoor person who never takes her nose out of the computer and that I would explore and find spots that feed my soul the way my home in the pines by the sea does. Although there are no redwoods groves or seashores in Ohio, I have managed to locate some magical spots nearby. I am baffled as I meet people who’ve spent their lives here and didn’t know these treasures exist.

This is a nature center with miles of trails, free admission on Mondays, minutes from the city and so many natives haven’t even discovered it.

Below, Natural Bridge and Red River Gorge which are only a 2 hour drive from Cinci and a half hour from Lexington.  Eagles Nest Chalet was our tree house for the week.

You have to love nature because there is no internet and nothing to do but hike and sit on your deck and enjoy the peace.

This view reminded me of the Smokey Mts (which I have also visited this year, and my traveling companion, who once lived in Northern Az said he felt like we were overlooking the Grand Canyon when we hiked to this vista point.


All those who question how I could leave the magnificent central coast for this semi-midwest metropolis, here is proof that beauty and wonder are everywhere-you just have to seek it out. I intend to continue this adventuring as long as I stay in this area and will share my discoveries with you.

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