Now just might be the perfect time to take those old dreams off the back burner

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My friend and mentor, Barbara Winter, is talking a lot lately about readying her home and office for an impending move. Pruning her library, flipping through books she hasn’t read in a while, she comes across valuable insights and quotes which she shares on Facebook, Twitter and on her Buon Viaggio blog.  I’m  reminded of my son’s toy-closet cleaning when he was little. He would discover trinkets he hadn’t seen in a while and hours later, he would be joyfully engaged in a project, having found renewed interest and new uses for nearly forgotten gadgets. I did the same with photographs and art supplies.  When we haven’t seen those treasures in awhile, they’re fresh and new again. Or we remember why we were so fond of them.

Sometimes the same thing happens when we attend a reunion or hear from old friends. With some, we quickly realize we’ve little in common. Others feel like a comfy old pair of loafers or bring out exciting parts of ourselves we’d like to revisit.

Thinking about this re-discovering of old books, treasures and friends reminds me why we should periodically revisit old ideas and dreams. Will we remember why we chose to store them away for a while rather than discard them? Will they feel fresh and new, full of interest and possibility?

Are there aspirations you’ve put back on the shelf because maybe the time wasn’t right, you weren’t sure they were valuable or you didn’t have the energy to do anything with them? Or because you didn’t have the support to make them happen?

What dreams have you pushed to the back of the closet that you might revisit now and find renewed possibilities in? Could a change in life

circumstances or other factors make it possible to see these ideas from a new perspective? Now might be the right time to reexamine those aspirations.  If you’re ready to take  those dreams off the back burner, check out the Idea Generator Sessions. With brainstorming and support, you just may find that vague idea could be a profitable business.

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