He Eats, Sleeps, Writes in Italy-Makes a Living and Improves Lives

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Can you imagine making a great living sampling home made pasta, tiramisu and gelato, schmoozing with the proprietors and then snuggling up in a cozy bed and breakfast overlooking Lake Como?  And knowing you’re improving lives of thousands?

My friend  Barbara Winter brought this little video to my attention.  Rick Steves talks about his joy at having found his own right livelihood.

Note that he says he enjoys visiting these people who have found their niche.

While he isn’t directly solving world hunger or righting an injustice, consider the ways his business is improving lives.  He’s not only making a living doing what he loves but making a difference in the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs by recommending their establishments. He’s also enriching the lives of all his readers and viewers who might never experience foreign cultures if he didn’t show them how they can do it in style on a budget.

Your own business may not change the world tomorrow but how can you improve the lives of a group of people by sharing what you know and love?

If you know you want to find more meaning in your livelihood doing what you love and making a difference in a few lives, your community or the world, March is the time to step up and get started.

Are you having trouble figuring out how doing what you love can improve lives and earn the income you need?

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