Do you need a business degree or non-profit to make a difference?

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There are reports nearly every day of social entrepreneurship programs being added at major universities worldwide. After decades of business schools turning out MBAs focused on corporate management, it’s refreshing to see the new entrepreneurs with goals of  driving social change and making a difference. But most of these graduates are starting up non-profits funded with large grants from government organizations, private alumni foundations  or corporations.

You don’t need a business degree, non-profit status or massive start-up capital to make a living and a difference in your community or the world. Sometimes starting small with just your knowledge and strong desire to drive change can make a significant impact in your own neighborhood and eventually you or those you influence will continue the momentum. You may  dream of making change on a universal scale but even starting in your own community you’ll set an example and create a template that can be duplicated throughout the world.

Do you have an idea for a product or service that could change lives on your block or in your town? What tiny step can you take now with the knowledge, equipment or resources you already have, that would make a difference to a few people? Can you get those first few people excited enough to each show a few others whatever it is you teach them? Some of the most successful businesses that had a wide impact were born as a dream in someone’s basement or garage.

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