How to Sell Handmade Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

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Yes, it’s just a week into January but you only have 5 weeks left to sell your handmade crafts for Valentine’s Day.  Even if you’re snowed in, just pick up the phone and set up some trunk shows at galleries, men’s salons, health clubs, office buildings or all of the above. Do you have any idea how many men would love to have your help in choosing a piece of hand crafted jewelry for their wives or girlfriends rather than have to scour shops trying to figure out what girls want?  Whether you need to generate cash to pay off your holiday credit card bills or turn your crafts into cash so that you can go to the Gem Shows and buy more beads, right now, today is the time to make those calls. After a successful sale, you’ll have an open invitation to return for Mother’s Day. See the December post on how to sell handmade jewelry to men.  Or go to http://www. get 13 Free Tips on Turning Your Crafts into CAsh Now.

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