“Running philanthropy like a business, rather than a handout,”

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The above quote is by Richard Fitoussi who worked with  founder and international project manager of CLMMRF, Cambodia Landmine Museum and Relief Fund, Aki Ra, a former child solider for the Khmer Rouge, to convert his museum into a non-governmental organization.

Hideaki Matsui designed a product to raise awareness for a specific social issue for his Social Entrepreneurship Through Design class at Parsons.  He took on Cambodian landmine removal as his cause. He designed an all-natural soap in the shape of landmines that would both help heighten people’s awareness of the crisis and raise funds for the removal of landmines. The sales of the soap would help fund landmine removal.

I found this article  from a June 9th Media global post  fascinating for a couple of reasons. It is a perfect example of philanthropy being run like a business rather than a charity. I also found it exciting that Parson’s has a class titled “Social Entrepreneurship Through Design”.

Below is the course description from Parsons:

The course offers a close look at the theory and practice of social entrepreneurship in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Areas of social innovation as diverse as business, environment, education, human services, and government will be explored. Some topics of discussion will include social enterprise, cause-related marketing; venture philanthropy and social return on investment. Students will gain practical knowledge of how to identify potential social venture opportunities; develop skills and competencies for creating,

developing and implementing social entrepreneurship ideas; and examine ways of measuring the success and value of social entrepreneurial activity

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