The Great Project of Our Generation

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According to UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown: “the great project of our generation is to build out of a global ethic and our global ability to communicate and organize together, a global society and we are the first generation to have the power to do this.” Prime Minister Brown  sites bogging in particular as a vehicle for creating a global society of change agents. “We can use today’s interconnectedness to develop our shared global ethic — and work together to confront the challenges of poverty, security, climate change and the economy”.

How is YOUR business connecting universally and how can YOU reach out globally through your blog to make a difference? Some BIG changes can start right in your own neighborhood. If you consciously blog about them, “talk” about them to a world wide audience, your readers, through the power of world wide e-conversations, your message, your mission, WILL have an impact on the world.

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