How Do you Choose your Friends?

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Who is your  Twitter Community? Are you a Good Friend?

Are you indiscriminately following as many people as you can just to build your list? What criteria do you use to “follow” on Twitter or to “friend” on Facebook? 

Friends and clients are repeatedly complaining that they have a huge list, thousands of friends and followers but not making any money. They are social networking like crazy, feeling frazzled and time crunched but not seeing results in their income. 

Let’s take a look at what exactly social networking is all about. Building relationships, right? So, you don’t want to “sell” constantly or you turn people off. It isn’t a pitch fest but neither is it a cooking class or weather station. Unless you are in the culinary industry, have a clientele or make rainwear, don’t spend all your time tweeting about domestic bliss or complaints. Yes, this is “relationship” building, but when you go to a social event, is it your goal to get the phone number of every person in the room? Just like in real life, virtual socializing shouldn’t be a numbers game. Who has time to be best friends with everyone in town? And do you have anything to contribute to all those people or gain from their companionship?  Is this someone you would like in your community?  How do you fit into their community?

A solid relationship involves give and take, not “using” friends. If you are following 20,000 people but only know what 200 of them do for a living or what matters in their lives, are they really your peeps? What value is your “friendship” to each other’s business or personal life? 

Ask yourself some questions about everyone you choose to follow.

What value can I offer this person in the way of friendship, inspiration or information?

Does this person have something of interest to my life or my business? 

Am I curious about this person’s life or business? 

Do I enjoy reading what this person has to say? 

Make a quick list of criteria for people you follow and begin following strategically, with intention and purpose. 

Your business and life will be more gratifying. You’ll save time. And you’ll be a good friend.

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