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Tomorrow’s Mother’s Day and while I’m sure YOU have your mom’s hand made gift all wrapped in an earth-friendly, re-usable treasure, do you know there are many people who take their mom out on Mother’s Day and let them choose their own gift? Some actually send their mom’s money to buy their own. I didn’t realize this until I had a gallery and Mother’s Day, not just the days prior, but actually on Mother’s day, our sales were always up there with the Christmas holidays. Women would come in with or without their families, see something they loved and a pay cash. We always heard, “my daughter (or son) sent me the money to buy myself something.” This surprised me because for me the fun in giving is coming up with the idea. 

People feel very generous towards their moms on Mother’s Day (as they should everyday) and as an artist or crafter you’re missing the boat if you don’t make sure that your creations are in their line of vision tomorrow. No, it isn’t too late. The shopping isn’t over yet…

Last minute IDEA! Particularly if you make wearable art, scarves, jewelry, hair or shoe ornaments: Identify an upscale restaurant or cafe in town with the busiest Mother’s Day brunch.  (Ideally, this is a place you frequent and have a favorite, friendly waitress.) Pick the most outgoing waitress, or better yet, the hostess, and either loan ( or if you can afford to, gift) her the most stunning example of your jewelry or other wearable piece with the understanding that she gets to (must) wear it tomorrow and that she has a pocket full of your cards to give out when people comment on the piece. Also, educate her on how it is made and that it is one of a kind, part of a limited edition or whatever the unique characteristics are. You’ll be amazed at how a little enthusiastic oohing and ah-ing over brunch can get the kids (or hubbies) to open their wallets to delight mom. 

When you see how well this works, plan ahead for the next gifting occasion (not just Mother’s Day) and see if you can find more venues to flaunt your wears. It’s also wonderful if you can convince the cafe owner to let you put a small display up. You may need to give the proprietor a percentage of the sales but it’s worth it. 

What if your craft isn’t wearable? Let’s say you hand paint stem wear or other table top items. donating a few of your handblown bud vases or porcelain salt shakers to grace the brunch tables (with a little tag about you and your work, of course) will pay off in follow up sales. When I hear crafters comment that they can’t afford to donate their work, my answer is “Think of it as advertising dollars.” (and if you say you can’t afford to advertise when sales are slow, we have some serious talking to do.) 

Have you discovered other eleventh hour marketing ideas? Post and let us all know how you’ve gotten last minute visibility for your crafts. As always, we love hearing what other artists do. 

Just one more thought-if you are taking YOUR mother out for brunch or dinner, make her your proud walking display. And of course, your mom has plenty of your cards to hand out, right?

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