Who Wants What YOU Love to Create?

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I’ve been receiving so many messages from artists and crafters about marketing and some surprise me. The tax and legal questions, I refer back to their accountant or attorney.  Sales tax laws are different state to state and whether you should incorporate or not depends on so many factors including your personal assets, the volume of business you do and if you have a brick and mortar location.  It’s my feeling that there are so many “how to start a business” resources out there, we don’t need another.  What artists and crafters DO appear to need is some guidance on getting your work in front of the people who will pay you for it.  

Let’s be honest, aside from the soul fulfilling aspect of creating your art,  you’d like to make some money, right?  So, who exactly is your ideal customer? (notice I say “ideal’ not “target”?)  I still take a few select clients one-on-one and before I accept a client there are some criteria I look for.What I do is not for everyone. I expect a commitment of hard work and strong desire to succeed. Obviously, when you are just starting out, you just want to sell your craft, so you are thrilled to make a sale.  But your art is a piece of you and it feels good to know it’s going to a good home.  It’s easy to make what people want and when times are tough, it’s tempting to simply make whatever crafts sell. And if you want to sell your art,  obviously your craft needs to be something people buy.  But you can make what sells well AND what you love to create if you have a crystal clear vision of who your ideal customer is.  Be thinking about this because I’m going to be asking some questions  that will help you market your art to the people who appreciate your work. Have you identified YOUR ideal customer? Rather than ask yourself  ”what can I make that people will buy”,  ask  yourself  ”who wants what I love to create?”.

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