Ever Dream of your Own Craft Gallery?

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There’s probably never been a better time to test the waters if you dream about your own craft shop or gallery. In a recession, you ask? You bet! Right now is the easiest time to get in with very little capital. So many premium storefronts are vacant and commercial landlords who previously wanted high rents and long leases are anxious to just get some cash flow. For the first time in decades it’s a lessees market and landlords are willing to negotiate like never before.  Whether you want to go solo, or co-op with partners, right now you can work out a temporary, even month to month lease on a prime spot with an option to eventually sign a long term lease. Landlords are hungry so it’s never been a better time to realize your dream of having your own gallery. This is a strategy that I normally suggest for the fall holiday shopping season but going into summer is also a an ideal time. If you live in an area that gets summer tourists, find the best vacant spot and approach the landlord directly. Don’t be afraid to offer much lower than you think he might want. Remember, whatever he gets from you is more than the nothing he’s getting right now. If you live in the Sunbelt, go to the management of an upscale mall and approach them about temporary rental. This is a usual protocol for mall management. I could go on for pages about HOW to negotiate your lease, how to source merchandise, market your gallery and even the pros and cons of co-op. (There is a reason co-ops frequently fail and if you know the right way to set up a co-op, it can be a profitable for everyone. But that is material for a whole report or e-course-coming soon!) Has opening your own craft gallery, selling your own crafts and other artists work been a dream of yours? What questions do you have about it? What’s holding you back?  I’d love ot hear your concerns and answer your questions..

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