How to Sell Crafts that are Seasonal

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I’ve had a number of inquiries recently from crafters who sell seasonal crafts and are concerned about the off-season.  Many fiber artists who craft  ”cold weather” garments are worried about the coming slow months. And I’ve also heard the same concern from crafters who make summer-sunshine appropriate crafts.  Yes, we are going into a season where it may be tough going if you make only woolen hats, mittens, etc but you have a number of viable, profitable options. 

The easiest solution is to design a 

new version of what you already make but in a spring-summer material. At a craft fair in Florida this past weekend  I met a woman who is crocheting fabulous sun hats in cotton. I will be purchasing several for myself and gifts. They are washable, crushable and summer friendly.  How can you take what you already do and make it four season friendly? Feel free to post your questions and let’s see what we all come up with. 

Now, let’s assume you are absolutely married to your current textile-say you make felted wool items. Well, short of completely changing what you do, how can you find a market for your craft year round. My first thought is, “Are you forgetting that this is a global economy-you are on the World Wide Web.?”  Your customers no longer have to share your zip code let alone continent. Remember, while spring is sprouting in your corner of the world,  there is a whole southern hemisphere just heading into a long cold winter. I think a great idea would be to work an exchange with some fellow crafts Down Under. I know they are in our network because I am hearing from them.  Let’s brainstorm some ways to share talents and market one another’s crafts. Remember, when the sun is shining where you are,  our crafty friends in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are shopping for scarves, mittens and hats. And you might want to think about also doing a materials trade as well. They have amazing fibers that we don’t and we have some they covet. Get into the conversation and say G’day!

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