How to Feel like a Genius

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When was the last time you were in an Apple Store?

 Even if you aren’t a Mac owner, (and if you aren’t, you don’t know what you’re missing) check out your local Apple store. 

There are few retail stores where the staff seems to be having so much fun. Note the t-shirts on the Genius Bar staff:  “I could talk about this stuff all day.” Their genuine enthusiasm makes it obvious that they love what they do.  Can you imagine feeling like that about the way you spend your work day? I can- because I do and so do most of my self employed friends and you can too. In fact, when you’re doing the work you were born to do, you don’t even differentiate between work time and playtime because when you love what you do it’s seamless.  Now if you’re thinking that your friends and family will find you boring if you talk about your business so much, you’re hanging out with the wrong people. Start surrounding yourself with entrepreneurs and you’ll find the enthusiasm inspiring. Try it-gather up an unlikely group of happily self employed friends: an artist, a geek, physicists and a financial planner. Difficult to imagine this foursome having anything in common, right? But assuming they’ve all created work they love, even if their specific fields are foreign to one another, there’s a passion in the air so powerful you find yourself longing to feel what they feel. If you don’t feel like an Apple Genius, it’s time you start doing something you “could talk about all day.” 

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