How do you Fuel your Passion and Serve the World?

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People often associate Stephen Covey with organization and efficiency and while these are absolutely factors in ‘the Habits”, the line below from The 8th Habit spoke to me as someone who is a true Social Entrepreneur. “When you engage in work that taps your talent and fuels your passion – that rises out of a great need in the world that you feel drawn by conscience to meet – therein lies your voice, your calling, your soul’s code.“  Many of us grew up with such a sense of responsibility that we forgot that serving, unless it is also fueling a passion, can be a disservice to ourselves and those we serve.  If your heart is not in your work,  the recipients of your labor feel it. But, all of us have at least one calling and when we are truly engaged in doing that “thing” and while  we may not realize the impact it has on others,  NOT doing it is with holding a gift from others. 

Over the next couple of months, we will be introducing you to Social Entrepreneurs who are not only doing work that feeds their soul but making a living while making a difference in their communities and in the world. 

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