Low Tide and High Design

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You’re probably thinking all I do is play-not true-I do work. It just feels like play.   In my hometown on the west coast, I take my daily strolls on bluff trails overlooking the Pacific. Dogs are not allowed on the state beaches where they might disturb endangered snowy plovers, so Lucy and I are taking full advantage of our dog friendly Atlantic community this winter. Because I’m self-employed, I take breaks on my own schedule, which admittedly is these days determined by the tide chart. At low tide, we have endless miles of pristine beach to explore. Unlike our California beaches, which are covered with sand fleas and kelp, the sand is clean and fine. I discovered a treasure today. Not something to put in my pocket and take home for the coffee table, but a transient visual treasure to file away in my memory bank of inspiration. (and yes, I also stored it in iphoto.)

Low Tide
Low Tide



As the tide goes out,  it leaves magnificent patterns in the drying sand.  I don’t know what sea life leaves these imprints (If you know, please share with us here) but they are a source of creative inspiration for me. I want to go home and capture these patterns on fabric, etch them on glass and paint them on pottery. But I don’t. I do run back to the house and grab my camera). Walking home I remember when I first realized how most if not all of the decorative patterns we see on surface designs are inspired by nature. I remember the first time I visited the American southwest in the seventies, noticing that the patterns in the Red Rocks were exactly like a textile known as “waterfall” in the home furnishings industry.

If you’ve ever wondered how someone gets paid to design these fabrics, there is an entire industry based on art licensing. It’s a great way for an artist to do a work once and get paid over and over.   Another way to leverage for passive income. To learn more about art licensing and how you can make residual income in the arts, be sure to sign up for my “News Notes” where you’ll get weekly tips about making a living in the arts and in the crafts industry. You’ll get it free with your Free “Myth of the Starving Artist”.

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