Launching a Business or Launching a Rocket

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Yesterday I had the privilege of witnessing something completely by accident that I have dreamed of for nearly half a century. In bed with the mumps on May 5 1961, I watched as Alan Shepard piloted the Freedom 7 into space. Later, along with the rest of the country, I held my breath as the Mercury space capsule splashed down at sea and was retrieved by helicopter.  Spotting neighbors gathered last night when I took Lucy out for her last walk, I headed down to the beach.  Just as I asked what they were all looking for, there was an explosion of light to the south.  The Keppler rocket, of course. Walking back to the house, I started thinking about how something I’d dreamed of for decades was over so quickly.  While it was thrilling to witness the launch last night, did I miss some of the joy that comes with planning and anticipation? And why hadn’t I ever planned it?  (It wouldn’t have been that difficult – I managed to send my son and husband off to space camp). Serendipity sometimes does plays a part in realizing a dream, but if we count on that, it would likely be a very long wait.  And just like that rocket launch, there is something about all that pressure built up in anticipation. 

It always saddens me when someone says they’ve dreamed of starting a business for years but something else always took priority. I’ve even heard, “if it’s meant to be it will happen.” Well, that may be true for some things but starting any business takes planning and though it can be stressful, the planning stage is fun and makes the launch even that more exciting. Dreams rarely “just happen” and how likely are you to be an “accidental entrepreneur?” 

Even if you imagine your launch being in the distant future, starting now to plan will not only increase the likelihood of it happening but will also give you the joy of anticipation. If you know you want to do something on your own someday, whether you have a clear vision of how it will look or just a vague feeling that you would like to be self employed someday, spending a couple of hours brainstorming and strategizing will get you started on the preliminary planning that will make that future launch a thrilling reality.  For information on schedule an idea generation session email

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