Procrastination or Inspiration?

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Low Tide
Low Tide

This morning, in an attempt to procrastinate a few minutes prior to beginning a project I’d been resisting, I checked my inbox and found an email from my friend and mentor, Barbara Winter,  complimenting a post by Todd Henry of Accidental Creative. Henry encouraged members of his community “to spend some time this week in unnecessary creating”. He goes on to say that  “One of the ways we grow, uncover long-lost interests and curiosities and develop new skills is through unnecessary creating. It’s important that we not neglect our personal creating for the sake of our create-on-demand role. In fact, it’s been my experience that the more we neglect our personal creative exploration the more it affects our ability to create when we have to.” I found this the perfect reason to procrastinate awhile longer and go down to the beach for a little unnecessary sand doodling with my toes. And what an accidental creative experience it was. Lost in my “pedi-art”, I forgot about my dog, Lucy until I heard her crunching yet another oyster shell. Knowing if she swallowed it, we would be in for another sleepless night with a sick dog, I demanded she drop it. Normally, she clenches her jaw tightly and refuses to let me have a look, quickly swallowing her treasure before I can rob her of the delicacy. But today, she let me have her sandy prize and as I dug to bury this disgusting morsel before another dog found it, I spotted a lovely aqua piece of glass  Rubbing my tumbled treasure on the way back to the house, I remembered an artist I know who makes jewelry from found sea glass, and another who uses recycled glass and I knew I had to do a story about artists who make their living using recycled and found objects.  (link to recycled art)  Thank you, Todd and Barbara for permission to spend some time for “accidental inspiration.”

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