“Working” at the Beach

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Wow, I always said my ideal job would be to get paid to spend the day at the beach. I just couldn’t bring myself to sell hotdogs and I’m too old to rescue surfers.  I wouldn’t be a great employe either-I don’t like being told where to be-even if it is the beach. I guess I have the perfect boss-ME! Today was another lovely,  breezy day so I took my laptop down to the beach and worked on the agenda for my upcoming  “Design your Ideal Livelihood “ workshop. (more on that later.)  You know, it sure doesn’t feel like work. (don’t spread the word but sometimes I even take a quick nap. That’s one problem cubicle dwellers don’t have-the sound of the waves lulling them to sleep on the J.O.B.)  And when I got home, guess what, I had made money while I napped! More orders for my new ebook.  

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