How you might be turning away income that lands in your lap.

Yesterday my adult niece, Emily, and I had a shopping experience that reminded me... 

6 ways to get out of overwhelm and finally get that big project completed.

I’ve heard that when someone asked Ernest Hemingway how to begin to write a novel,... 

What to tell your kids if they want to start a business

I’m sitting in the Whole Foods Cafe today and thinking about the founder John... 

7 Things Parents Can do to Ensure Their Kids Don’t Get out of College with More Loans Than Income

It’s Spring and millions of young people are completing their final semester of... 

Do you hate marketing?

Fledgling and aspiring entrepreneurs frequently confide in me that they start out... 

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Crafting A Living

THE Maker’s Guide To Making More Money Online AND OFF

You’ve probably read books on how to start a business and even some on creating... 

Are you getting your work in front of the RIGHT buyers for your crafts this season?

Are you counting strictly on Etsy, Artfire or other online platforms to sell your... 

Can you really make money 24 hours a day and still get 8 hours of sleep?

Do sleezy internet marketing and get-rich-quick schemes have you wondering if anyone... 

Easy Ways to Make an Extra $1200 a Month Making Stuff

  Are you an artist, crafts person, maker or baker? Think you can’t... 

Green your Giving: Ideas for Earth Conscious Wrapping

My sister-in-saw Nancy was a resourceful recycler long before being green was vogue.... 

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Making a Difference

Small Steps Change the World

Whether it’s a desire to see a greater effort toward energy conservation, improving literacy or eradicating a crippling epidemic, all it takes to get the movement going is a big vision and a tiny step.  The resistance I  consistently hear from  clients and friends is that they want to do something that makes a difference in the world but feel... [Read more of this review]

Why wait until you can change the world to start something meaningful?

Do you know you want to leave your mark but haven’t started because you can’t see how you as one person can do something big enough to make an impact? Well, you don’t have to be ready to solve world hunger or end violence in the middle east to start something meaningful. Making a difference in one little corner of the universe can lead to a bigger... [Read more of this review]

How a dire situation sparked a small town’s entrepreneurial spirit and created business opportunities

While I was back east this past winter, my charming little west coast village underwent a major transformation. Restrooms are boarded up and notices declaring a draught emergency are pasted everywhere. Port-a-potties stand behind businesses and along state park beaches. Many residents save their bath and dish water in buckets to flush toilets and water... [Read more of this review]

Feeling helpless in the face of children suffering? Here’s what we CAN do

When nearly 300 Nigerian school girls were taken from their dormitory in the night, people around the world felt helpless. Some have tried to get their governments involved, so far to no avail. Other’s don’t understand why it’s our business. Those of us who are other’s daughters or just compassionate humans want to do something. When my friend... [Read more of this review]

Are you sending the message “I am not a good investment.”?

  In a blog post titled ‘The Natural Habitat of Winners’ my friend and mentor Barbara Winter said, “When you are willing to spend your time and money to expose yourself to new ideas, new techniques for doing things, and new people who can add their enthusiasm to your dreams, you’re also sending a strong message to your... [Read more of this review]

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